Dad’s Financial Handbook

A few years back I wrote a book for my two daughters – Dad’s Financial Handbook.  They were at an age where they were about to graduate, get a job, and start their life on their own.  As their father, I had discussed finance with them, but ‘seeing’ is much better than ‘hearing’.  This book was a way for me to ‘discuss’ finances with them.  I could offer my knowledge of personal finance and values of money to them and save them from making mistakes and having to learn it on their own initiative.  After all, how many young adults know about personal finance?  Who is going to teach them?   How many eventually learn years later and regret not knowing sooner.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone would help them get started at no cost?  Just a simple, short, easy to read book.  After I gave it to my daughters, I offered it to my family members, nieces and nephews, and friends.

The premise is simple:  Young adults may have grown up getting a lot of schooling,  but rarely do they ever get any education in personal finance.  This is my way to correct that and help them get started.

Click on the link below for the book.  You can read it online or print it or save it to read later.  I do ask readers to look at this as an accumulation of my personal knowledge and values and not as legal financial advice.   I am not a financial advisor.  I am just a Dad who knows the great feeling of financial security and wants to share my experiences with the younger generation in hopes that I could improve someone else’s life.

Dads Financial Handbook Rev 2015

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