While I have worked my whole life, since a teenager, I have always looked forward to a time when I did not have to work anymore.  Now that I am retired, I have to answer that question everyone seems to ask: “What are you going to do?” Well, I am not going to do the usual travel or play golf or volunteer.  I plan to do those, but I thought I would expand the definition.  My plan is to experience life.  Experiences without the constraint of a job.  On my own time.  Experiences that I share with my wife, family, and friends.

I set a goal to achieve 937 experiences.  Why 937?  First of all, 1000 is just too round of a number.  Second, 937 is a special number for me.  (The first person who identifies why will receive a gift).  These 937 experiences are not all new.  Some I liked before retiring so I will do them after I retire.

This is not a ‘bucket list’.  It is a list of things I want to do or accomplish.

When I do an experience, I will give it a number and document it in the Completed Experiences.  I will have a list of potential experiences in the Suggested Experiences and I encourage readers to recommend experiences to me.  You can leave a comment in this “About” section or check out the “Home” tab for my posts (and reader comments) and comment on any of the posts.

If blog commenting is difficult, you can make suggestions on Facebook.

3/6/17 update:  The winner of the contest has been announced.  See blog entry for details.  Winner of the 937 contest


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  1. Way…..way back, when we were all very young……swimmers by trait and hungry by heart……There was this pizza place in Rockville. We were known to go there either after a B meet on Wednesdays or on a Friday night. Shakey’s Pizza was 1 of many favorite places to go for the swimmers. 937 was the time to meet there:) How did I do???


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