#96 Bagpipe performance

While we were in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada, we learned that there is a significant Scottish influence. In fact, Prince Edward Island has the highest concentration of Scottish descendants of the Canadian provinces (41%). Second highest is Nova Scotia at 32% (Note: ‘Nova Scotia’ is Latin for ‘New Scotland’). The Scottish influence can be seen in their music and dance: Bagpipe and highland/Celtic dancing.

So where do you perfect your skill with bagpipes or Celtic dancing? Why of course, you attend the ‘College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada’ in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Really. A college for piping!

While in Summerside we attended one of their performances. This one was to honor some of the great Scots, appropriately titled: “Great Scot!” This is just another case of me expanding my cultural experiences during retirement.

Purchasing tickets the day of the performance allowed us the unique opportunity to be seated in the front row. Actually the seats weren’t bad. You could hear real well. Real well! Those bagpipes and the drums were loud!

The performance involved the storytelling of some of the great individuals from Scotland throughout history, told with a Scottish accent, of course. Occasionally, the performers would break out in a song. I guess you can’t avoid that, but at least is wasn’t too often. Other times, when it seemed the performers were in the mood, they would break out in bagpipe playing (along with marching band bass drums). Oh, there was a good bit of Celtic dancing thrown in, too. So I guess you could surmise I attended another musical, not your usual musical though.

Seeing the bagpipe players up close, I noticed that it seemed to be physically hard to play the notes on the pipe while continually forcing lungfuls of air into the bag. You really need to have both a good set of lungs and the capability to blow hard into the bag.

This was an interesting retirement experience. (8/15/18)

IMG_0367 (2) ld

Yes, I wasn’t kidding.  The school is called the “College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada.  Located next door to the Ideal Auto Parts store.  HaHa.

IMG_4221 (2) ld

(If you cannot see these photographs, click on the blog link: https://937experiences.wordpress.com/ )

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