#93 Nova Scotia Wineries

Wineries in Nova Scotia?

Really? Yes.

While visiting Nova Scotia we heard they had some wineries to sample. Since we like wine and we like tasting wines from all over the world, we just had to check a few out. It helped that the wineries were along our planned driving route.

As we traveled through the Annapolis Valley region, we stopped into three wineries – Blomidon Estate Winery, Planters Ridge Winery, and Bear River Vineyard. We were surprised that some of the wines tasted good. We didn’t expect that since we had never even heard of wines from Nova Scotia. We learned the main reason we hadn’t heard of them is that they generally don’t export their wines. In fact, they said they have enough trouble just shipping within Canada. The grapes they grow are similar to the common red and white grapes used for making wine, but there are a few unique grapes that we had not heard of before. The wines made from those unique grapes did not appeal to our tastes.

An interesting thing about Nova Scotian wines is that in some places, the vineyards have been planted since the early 1600’s. Also, since Nova Scotia is a small island province, there are not many wineries. There are only 18 on the island. So we visited more than 15% of their wineries!

At each of the wineries, we had a tasting of several of their wines (reds, whites, and sometimes sparkling wines). We bought a bottle from each winery to enjoy on our trip. We even found a good sparkling wine. We would have visited more wineries but they close early and we ran out of daytime. (8/14/18)

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