#92 Whale Watching

In the past, we thought of taking a whale watching excursion, but were unsure about how we would handle bouncing around in rough ocean waters for hours with the risk of not even seeing anything, except maybe us losing our lunch. However, after looking into the details more, we decided to go ahead and sign up for one in Nova Scotia. The whale watching excursions off the coast of Nova Scotia were in the calmer waters of the Bay of Fundy. The boat we took was sturdy and they didn’t have to go out too far into the bay. The excursion was planned for between 2 and 4 hours.

We departed from East Ferry, which is in the west coast of Nova Scotia, and traveled out a few miles before we spotted a humpback whale. Apparently humpback whales are curious and not afraid of the boats. This whale allowed the crew to steer the boat within 15 feet or so. While the part of the whale that is above the surface of the water is not so impressive, the bulk of the whale body underwater is massive. The whale was about the length of our boat. We stayed alongside this whale for about a half hour until it finally got bored and swam away.   While the whale did not jump out of the water in a spectacular way (that would have been so cool), it just floated around and poked its head up occasionally. That was OK for me. That one sighting was enough to make the trip worthwhile.

We motored around a while longer but only found one other whale. This whale was not as interested in us and didn’t hang around long.

This tour was hampered somewhat by the rain and fog. You couldn’t see too far in the distance and as a result we probably missed other whale sightings. Our boat was well suited for rain with coverings to allow us to stay dry. Riders on competing excursion boats were not so lucky – large inflatable rafts where everyone needed raincoats to stay dry (see photographs below) – Great choice, Mary Ann!

In the end, this was a very memorable experience. (8/14/18)

This is a photograph of the humpback whale sticking its head out of the water.

DSC_5533 e ld

This is a photograph of the whale diving under the water. You can see the soaked tourists on the other boat.

IMG_0272 (2)

This is a photograph of the inlet at East Ferry after returning. The rain had stopped and the fog was rolling in.

DSC_5565 (4)


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