#90 Lake Louise (Banff National Park)

While in Banff National Park, we had heard that Lake Louise is a great sightseeing location. Lake, mountains, and snow capped mountains. So we went for it. While I can’t knock the scenic beauty, there was more to this experience. It seems like EVERYONE wanted to see this lake and mountains. Right off the highway we were informed that they had shuttle busses to the lake. That should have been a warning. Ignoring the distant shuttle busses, we pressed forward towards the lake. We ended up in a long line to get to the large parking area. We thought we would wait it out by pulling over to a nearby restaurant for lunch. We watched the cars and busses slowly move towards the lake, then we saw some of the same ones heading away from the lake, unable to find parking.

Eventually we made our way to the parking and were lucky to get a parking spot. Cars and busses were everywhere. As we approached the lake we noticed an awesome resort. Then we noticed what seemed to be the entire population of the world standing by the lake. It was crowded. A mass of humanity from all over the world. (Note: I guess we should expect a lot of people. It seems the best places to view now have large crowds because everyone wants to see them.) Not only were a lot of people standing by the lake or hiking around the lake, there must have been 20 or 30 canoes out in the lake. Makes it difficult to get a good photograph.

We looked at the lake and took a short hike. Then we concluded we had seen enough. We had seen many lake/mountain/glaciers just as good. And there were more to see.

This was a pretty good experience. If we had the chance to do it again, I would not. There were many other lake/mountain/glaciers to see without the large crowds. (7/12/18)

IMG_9346 (2) ld

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