#89 Scenic Boat Cruise and hike

While in Glacier National Park we went to a resort town called Many Glacier. (There weren’t many glaciers around, but the name must help sell the resort. It seems that over the past 150 years the glaciers have receded and some have disappeared.) We took a “Scenic Boat Cruise”, as it was described. We caught the boat at the resort and rode it to the end of Swiftcurrent Lake. We got off the boat and hiked a quarter mile to Josephine Lake to catch another boat. This boat took us to the other side of that lake. We got off the boat and started our hike across a forest to Grinnel Lake where we were able to view the lake and Grinnel Glacier in the background.

Along the way we did experience a bear sighting. Since we were in the boat at the time, we watched from a safe distance. However, there were a few hikers that were friends of people on the boat that were running along the path, racing the boat back to the resort. We noticed the bear well before they did. As they ran, we shouted warnings to them of the bear. It seemed they could not understand all our yelling, rather they thought we were cheering or taunting them. They kept running fast. Eventually they noticed the bear and passed without incident. They kept running all the way back to the resort where they beat the boat. In addition, there were other the hikers walking along that side of the lake. While they seemed a bit scared when they encountered the bear, they stayed in a group and passed the bear without difficulty. (The bear was not really that close to any of them).

The funny thing about the scenery, the best scenery was not on the boat cruise, rather it was looking out at the lake from the resort and views from hiking around the lake, which we also did.

We wound up hiking, boating, crossing bridges over creeks and marshes, seeing waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, and mountains. All in all, the lake and the scenic boat cruise combined to be a pretty good experience. If we did it again, I would prefer to just stay in the resort, enjoy the view, and skip the ‘Scenic Boat Cruise’ (7/10/18)

DSC_4460 e ld

DSC_4644 e ld

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