#88 Rodeo – Calgary Stampede

I had never been to a rodeo but had always wanted to see one. When I finally get a chance to go to one, where did we go? Canada! It is definitely not the first place you think of when you hear ‘rodeo’. I always thought rodeos were performed in the western US, not Canada. But then again, we found western Canada is not really that much different than the western states in the US, just further north.

In Calgary, Alberta, they have an annual rodeo that goes on for 10 days in the summer called the ‘Calgary Stampede’. It seemed like a state fair and rodeo combined. All sorts of rides, great food, and entertainment.

While in Alberta, we heard that it was the event to go to if you were nearby during the time it was being held. We deviated from our original vacation plans to head over to Calgary for the day to experience the rodeo. When we got there I was surprised by how popular it was for Canadians as well as tourists.

It seemed like everyone wanted to be a cowboy for a day. They even sold lots of white hats for the cowboy wannabees. Before starting the rodeo events, the announcer asked everyone with a new white hat to raise it up in the air with two hands, look inside the front of the hat, notice the tag in front, and turn your hat around. You have your hat on backwards!

We were entertained with several competitive events. There was bareback bronco riding, calf tie-down roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, barrel racing, and the ever popular bull riding. Of course the bulls were difficult to ride, but the bronc’s weren’t any easier. I enjoyed both the bronc and the bull riding. It is pretty impressive show when you are there watching. One interesting thing about the riders, most of the riders were from the US! So it was a great experience. The only thing we missed was the chuck wagon races. (7/13/18)

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DSC_5088 (2) ld

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DSC_5117 (3) ld

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