Photograph of the Month: August 2018

While in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, we saw many lighthouses. I had taken photographs of several. This one struck me as the best as it was a rainy and foggy day. We had finished our whale watching tour (Retirement experience #92 Whale Watching ) and I watched the fog rolling in from the Bay of Fundy to East Ferry, Nova Scotia.

DSC_5565 (4)

As a bonus, I just had to include another photograph from out trip. This was taken nearby the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. Because the lighthouse is popular sightseeing destination near Halifax, Nova Scotia, there were busloads of tourists. As a result of the crowds, I could not get a good photograph of just the lighthouse. However, while everyone was busy standing around the lighthouse, very few ventured near the small town’s cove. The lighting and color were awesome.

DSC_5406 (2) ld

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