#87 Whitewater Rafting

I’ve always wanted to go whitewater rafting. We signed up for a two hour rafting trip on the Kananaskis River with Chinock Rafting (45 minutes west of Calgary). We were not looking for too exciting of a river to raft, rather we wanted a moderately exciting, more relaxed trip. We were told the river was rated between Class 2 (“You may get wet”) and Class 3 (“You will get wet”). With the exception of a few rapids, it seemed closer to a Class 2 river. And we were fine with that.

The staff and guides took care of us well. We prepared for the worst – helmet, life jacket, wet suit and boots (due to the cold mountain water).

It was a very enjoyable experience. We had to paddle through several rapids to keep the raft moving fast enough. But our guide had the toughest job – she had to paddle a lot herself, bark out paddling orders to us, and constantly steer the boat through the river and the rapids.

All in all, they made it easy for us. We enjoyed the river ride and the scenery was awesome.

This river had a couple interesting aspects to it. The water level can be controlled to be consistent. The river could be emptied by damming it up and filled by releasing the retained water. Also, there was a section of the river where kayakers train as in the Olympic event. There were several pairs of poles hanging down ending a few feet above the water. Well, there was no way for us to navigate around these poles. We plowed right through the course, each one of deflecting poles from hitting us. Got whacked a few times. (7/15/18)





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