#84 Gondola Ride and #85 Mountain Top Dinner

Just outside Banff, Alberta (4,500 feet), Sulfur Mountain rises 3,500 feet to 8,000 feet. There is an observation building at the summit. There are only two ways to get there and back – hiking or the gondola. Obviously, we chose the gondola. This was the first time I have ever ridden one. The ride to the top was smooth and pleasant. We had great views of the mountains and the valley. As the cars moved up and down the mountain, they were suspended a couple hundred feet above the slope of the mountain, above the tall pine trees.

It was fun riding with Mary Ann as she professes to be afraid of heights. However, it seems that whenever we do one of these experiences, she quickly overcomes her concerns and really enjoys the ride (See https://937experiences.wordpress.com/2017/08/16/51-hot-air-balloon-ride/ or https://937experiences.wordpress.com/2018/08/22/83-zip-line-over-river/ ). As for me, I am glad to be up higher so I can enjoy the view better.

At the summit there is a large building where they have an interpretive center, a theatre, a grill, a gift shop (of course), a restaurant, and a rooftop observation deck. We enjoyed viewing the mountains from the deck as well as hiking along the mountain boardwalk to the peak to get a higher and better view. The views were spectacular.

As the sun was setting we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the restaurant next to windows facing the sunset. We had a great panoramic view of the mountains. To top off this experience we enjoyed a bottle of champagne – made in British Columbia, Canada!

All in all, these were very good retirement experiences. (7/11/18)

(If you cannot see these photographs, click on the blog link: https://937experiences.wordpress.com/ )

View from the gondola of the base of the gondola on our way up the mountain:

DSC_4807 (2)

View from the highest peak of the observation building:

DSC_4837 (2)

View from the highest peak of the setting sun:

DSC_4839 (2)

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