#83 Zip Line Over River

After our first zip line experience (https://937experiences.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/25-zip-line/ ), we have been looking forward to a longer and more exciting zip line.

While in Banff, Alberta, Canada, we drove across the Canadian Rockies into British Columbia to experience a long zip line. This was a much longer ride (500 meters vs. 120 meters), higher – 40 meters up, and it crossed over a river.

When we got there, we got all strapped in and helmeted. Then we had a few warm up runs on smaller zip lines to get us used to the equipment. These zip lines had a spring-like stopping feature that slowed you down quickly and smoothly. After all, it was a long zip line and we would be going pretty fast.

The final run, the long one, was exhilarating. It’s a great feeling to soar through the air over the land and over the river. I would definitely do this again. Perhaps a longer one! (7/12/18)

(If you cannot see this photograph, click on the blog link: https://937experiences.wordpress.com/ )

In the center of this photograph you can barely see our destination:

IMG_4103 e

Here is the scenic overlook:

IMG_4104 e

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