#82 “Sir, do you want a ride?”

Here is a retirement experience that shows I look old enough to have retired. We were in the Toronto airport dragging our carry-on luggage to our departure gate. I had a backpack and a rolling suitcase. Mary Ann had her rolling suitcase. We had plenty of time. We were not rushed and did not look rushed. Then… All of a sudden one of those airport vehicles that transport old people and handicapped people from one gate to another approached Mary Ann and me from behind. The lady driving the vehicle stopped and tooted the horn. I turned around and she looked at me directly and said, “Sir, do you want a ride?” I was stunned and speechless. I had never considered riding in one. After all, it is primarily for old people and those with special needs. All I could muster was “No, thanks.” As she drove by all I could hear was Mary Ann laughing uncontrollably. Yeah, I was a bit embarrassed, but I had to admit, it sure was funny!

Kind of funny that I get called ‘Sir’ a lot more than in the past. I guess I have it coming as I have always respectably called older people “Sir”. (7/17/18)

(No pic with this experience, but if you are getting this in an email, you can click on the following link to view the entire blog: https://937experiences.wordpress.com/ )

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