#79 Champagne on the Beach

When at the beach, I always like to relax facing the ocean in the early evening as the sun goes down and the heat is replaced with the cool breeze from the ocean. You can sit in a beach chair, put your feet in the warm sand, and let your body cool as the air changes from warm to cool, listening to the surf crashing without the loud noise of the crowds who have left for the day. As the sun sets, the clouds over the ocean change from white to pastel yellows and oranges and pinks and the horizon turns a darker blue.

What better way to top off the experience with my wife at my side, sharing an ice cold adult beverage, appreciating the transition from hot day to cool evening. We could have chosen beer or wine (and we have in the past), but we thought, “What the heck. Let’s do this in style.” We chose a bottle of champagne and toasted to the evening. (6/30/18)

A very satisfying experience. Here are a few pics:

IMG_4057 (2)


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