#77 Ride a mechanical shark

In the end of May 2018, we were staying with friends at the beach in Kitty Hawk, NC. On a rainy day, the guys somehow managed to end up at a store to pick up a few shirts. In the back of the store there was a mechanical shark, similar to the common mechanical bull. Well, we just had to try it. Teddy went first and did real well, achieving the best time of the day. It was not easy and he really had to work it. I have never seen such concentration on his face.

Then it was my turn. I knew I wouldn’t last long. The operator knew it, too. (Well, he did have control of Jaws and could fling me off at any time with just a push of a button.) I had my 3 rides and got tossed rather quickly 3 times. I did manage to make the top 5 times with 26 seconds, but I may have been the fifth person that day.

Later, I was a bit sore, but not as much as Teddy. He had a large bruise on his arm. But then again, he got tossed around longer than I did.

Well, this was an interesting retirement experience. I had fun. But at age 61, this is probably not a good idea to attempt this. Leave the bull riding and shark riding to the younger kids. So, if you are building a list of experiences you want to do in retirement, you may want to skip this one.