#75 Street Photography

During the month of April 2018, I took another evening class at Montgomery College. This one was dedicated to the art of street photography. It was an interesting concept which I find fascinating but I don’t know if I fully grasp. Street photography, as defined by the instructor, is spontaneously photographing ordinary people in their ordinary lives in an urban environment. Based on the examples it is a pretty vague of a concept. The challenge is to find interesting people and situations to photograph. Then photographing them in a way that they don’t get upset.

For my assignments I took two field trips to urban centers to take photographs. First, I went to the town center in Rockville, MD. Second, I took the Metro to downtown Washington DC. DC was more interesting. I saw a ‘march’, the circus of people outside the White House, the tourists and natives walking, running, or biking along the Mall between the US Capital and the Washington Monument, and a demonstration at the White House.

The ‘march’ was interesting as it was a ‘National March’, with speakers, signs, catchy slogans to yell out, a police escort, and a defined route from Farragut Square, past the White House, to the US Capital. The only problem with this ‘National March’ was the group consisted of about 30 or so demonstrators plus maybe 5 people photographing them. I guess you didn’t see this one on TV! In addition, across from the White House in Lafayette Square there was a well-organized demonstration, with a name that said there were 10,000 men in it. Again, the name did not live up to the attendance. It looked like they were short by about 9,900. Again, you probably didn’t see this one on TV, either. You got to love DC!

Below is one of the photographs I liked from DC. (See a future post for my favorite – Photograph of the Month: April 2018).

DSC_3994 (2)

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