#72 Riding in a Pontoon Boat

This is part 1 (hopefully followed by part 2) of the pontoon retirement experience.

While visiting my sister, Karen, and her husband, Bud, at their Bethany Beach house, I had the opportunity to ride in their pontoon boat. Being that this was ‘Spring’ (March 24th), they needed to get the boat out of storage and return it to their house. I offered to ride along to keep Captain Bud company, since I wanted to ride in the boat anyway and I knew it would be too cold for Karen to enjoy the ride. And cold it was. It was freezing – at least it felt that way. The temperature was in the low 40’s and we were motoring north into the 15 mph head winds. By motoring, we were going up to 25 knots. Add that up and it was plain cold. (I guess the wind chill must be around 10 degrees.) But it was a fun ride. At the end of the ride, we were looking forward to that promised hot adult beverage waiting for us. However, we arrived before Mary Ann and Karen could drive back. And when they did return, we found out that they kind of forgot about the hot adult beverage and instead went shopping. Oh, well.

(Part 2, hopefully, is when we can go out on the pontoon boat on a hot summer afternoon, enjoying the cool breeze and a cold one.)

IMG_3757 (2)

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