#71 IPhone Photography, Editing, and Art

In February and March 2018, I took an evening course at Montgomery College – “Artistic Expression through Photography: Phones and Tablets”.  With a combination of free and inexpensive apps, I can take photographs that have better features than the standard camera function, i.e., features that DSLR cameras employ. I can then edit the photographs with features similar to Photoshop. And finally, those photographs can be translated into art using special effects applications. For instance, photographs can modified to look like paintings with simulated brush strokes, then framed and signature added. Some of the photographs can be modified to be quite abstract. While the IPhone generally takes great photographs, those can be improved before sending to other people or uploading to Instagram or Facebook.

I have had a lot of fun working with the special effects, changing plain old photographs into art. I also enjoy simply cropping and adjusting the color to improve other photos.

One cool thing about using the Iphone to edit photos is that I can edit photos that were texted to me to improve the appearance and then I can text them back. So if anyone wants a photo edited, all you need to do is text me. It only takes a few minutes with software like Snapseed (free). It is much simpler than sending emails and using the computer to edit photos.

Here is an example of the raw photo, the edited photo (contrast and brightness adjustments), and the special effects used to make the photograph look more like a painting.



Tangled in Tangled FX

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