#70 “Farming”

Winter and spring 2018 and before (2016 and 2017) and in the future.

This is an ongoing retirement experience. While Mary Ann and my daughter Kristin have enthusiastically embraced gardening on a rather grand scale and do much of the work by themselves, they could always use a ‘farm hand’ to help out. There is a lot to do for gardening and poultry raising. I have helped build raised beds, weeded, harvested, watered, tilled the soil, generated leaf mulch, shoveled manure and much more secondary tasks.

For Kristin’s ‘farm’, I have tilled the soil, helped with the installing of the 8 foot deer fence posts for her massive garden, helped build the chicken coop and the fenced-in chicken run. Sometimes at night with headlamps on.

The garden work is seasonal – almost every season. It begins in the winter with indoor planting (before the plants can be popped in the soil in spring and summer) and ends in late fall with the last harvest.

(This was added as a suggestion from Kristin. She said that while I have 937 retirement experiences to do, might as well count this as one.  It was her way to encourage me to help in the placing the garden poles and the building of her chicken coop.)

Pictures below: (1) The fence posts we cemented into the ground. The garden is about a quarter acre. (2) Building the chicken coop at night.



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