#66 Exploring Minneapolis by Bicycle

(I have not established a statute of limitations for my blog posts. I was thinking of pushing myself to write them in the same year that I did them. I will use that rule today and like normal New Year’s Resolutions, I break it tomorrow.)

Back in July 2017 when we were in Minneapolis, MN, we had some time to tour the city. We agreed it would be ideal to tour the city by bicycle. We found a bike rental store, rented a few good bikes and took off. We rode throughout Minneapolis for 5 hours. The city has very good bike paths, several of them were formally trolley lines or railroads.  Also, the city is fairly flat.

We traveled up the river along the old industrial section, crossed the Mississippi River, weaved our way through the University of Minnesota, rode past the old mansions, crossed the Mississippi again, rode down along the river through a large park, ate lunch, had an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen (of course) and stopped at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. We packed our bikes on the subway and headed back to near our origin, and completed our ride. It was a lot of riding and some good relaxing. It is really fun to sightsee a city by bicycle and not have to worry about competing with cars and trucks.

Bike path formally a rail line

DSC_1636 (2) a

Cityscape of Minneapolis

DSC_1592 (4)

Mississippi River

DSC_1618 lr

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