#63 Performance at the Kennedy Center

On 11/2/17, Mary Ann and I went down to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to see “The Book of Mormon”. The performance was on a Thursday night, thus making it a good retirement experience. We could drive down there whenever we wanted and return as late as needed and not have to worry about leaving work early or going to work the next day. I like doing these things on a weekday. However, there was a downside as the show started at 7:30 in the evening. We still had to contend with rush hour traffic to get there on time. Waze sent us through a labyrinth of side roads to get there on time.

The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a great venue to experience live performances. A pretty classy place. It seemed that everyone was dressed up for the show. Our performance was in the large opera house part of the building. “The Book of Mormon” was not an opera but a wacky musical. While it made plenty of fun at the Mormons, it was very Politically Incorrect, making fun of most religions and peoples. Surprisingly enough, even in the Politically Correct culture of the Washington area, people still laughed at all the satire. It was a good show.

I would recommend taking in a play or musical (It would not be in my nature to recommend an opera though – personal opinion. See Retirement Experience #17) at the Kennedy Center.


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