#56 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts with Grandkids

On August 22 I had an experience with my grandchildren. It was a day where we were watching the kids. While Mary Ann had a doctor appointment, I had the responsibility to watch the kids. Nearby there was a Krispy Kreme store. They made the doughnuts and sold them there – walk in and drive through. Since I was greatly outmanned (or outkidded in this case) 3 to 1, I did the best thing I could do. I got them into the store, bought them doughnuts, and kept them in the store until it was time to retrieve the cavalry (grandma). This was a great plan. It created an experience for them and me. I had never seen doughnuts being made and they hadn’t either.

To start out, we each bought a doughnut. The best order was for George as he ordered a simple glazed doughnut. The server didn’t take it from a tray of premade doughnuts, rather she simply took a warm, fresh one off the assembly line. George loved it. Of course, Grace, Annie, and I (Hey, I need some reward, too!) loved our choices, too. We liked them so much that we went back and bought a second one. The kids loved it. Now, that by itself was a pretty good experience.

To top it off, all four of us watched the doughnuts being made. The machine cooked one side of the dough in the hot liquid then the automatic flipper turned them over to cook the other side. At the end, all the doughnuts went through the glazed waterfall (mouthwatering to witness). The kids were so intrigued that we spent about a half hour watching these being made. We saw hundreds of doughnuts being cooked.

In the end, Papa was a hero. Watched the kids for an hour, all by himself, gave myself and the kids a memorable experience, and kept them happy with doughnuts.



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