#48 Baseball – Minnesota Twins

On July 9, we stopped in Minneapolis for a few days. While there I thought it would be great to catch a major league baseball game that was not from our hometown. The Minnesota Twins were playing the Baltimore Orioles in a day game. We took our nephew, Blake, to see some of the game. It was quite an experience going from the airport on a light rail to Target Field. Then purchasing tickets the same day and watching the game. I’m not a big Baltimore fan, more of a Washington Nationals fan, so I didn’t care too much about the players or who would win. It was just an experience being in a different city, watching baseball.

We wound up sitting in the upper left-center field seats, way up. This gave us a different perspective of the action. As you can see from the two pictures, we were way far away, but with a 300mm zoom lens (and some photo editing), you could record the action as if you were nearby.

I don’t expect to experience all the major league ballparks like some people do. I would however like to visit as many major and minor league ballparks.

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