#47 Working a Log Splitter

In July 2017, I added to my list of retirement ‘jobs’ by learning how to use a gas powered log splitter. My daughter had some large trunk sections that needed splitting from a recently cut down tree. Someone had leant her a gas powered log splitter. Between the two of us we were able to roll these 200 pound log sections onto the splitter (the hardest part). From there it was easy to let the machine do the work. It was fun to watch the machine do the hard work. It is also amazing how many firewood logs that can be derived from one trunk section – between 16 and 20 logs.

A few days later I worked the wood pile some more. This time by myself. You can get a good workout, work up a lot of sweat, and have fun, but it is exhausting, especially doing it by yourself.

So I have expanded my lawn maintenance skills. You rent the splitter and I’ll help you split.

IMG_2954 (2)

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