#43 Jamming on the bass guitar

For a few months now I have been teaching myself how to play the bass guitar. I borrowed my brother-in-law’s bass guitar and amplifier. Then I used the ‘Bass Guitar for Dummies’ book to get started. I made further progress by watching YouTube videos and looking at bass ‘tabs’ (unofficial sheet music drawn to show the order of the notes by fret number on each of the four strings) on the Internet. But I am a slow learner and have little confidence in my musical ability. What I needed to do was play alongside someone who knows how to play music.

So on May 5, 2017, after a few beers, I jammed with my buddy, Mark. He sounded good and I was just OK, but together it sounded pretty good.  He gave me some great tips and encouraged me. Not only did he give me advice on where to place my fingers – between the frets instead of trying to always place my finger directly on the fret bar – he let me in on the biggest secret of all, which I cannot divulge here.  (Ask me)

By jamming I added a few more ‘victims’ (Mark and his wife) to experience my musical talent. HaHa. Mary Ann should be comforted to know she is not the only person to have suffered through my playing.  (OK, she suffers through my practicing!)

All in all, it was a good experience. Hopefully, my next bass guitar experience will be playing with a band, perhaps the ‘Back of the Rack’, in front of a larger audience (and of course, hopefully I will be better!).

(No picture for this one. Nothing to see here. However, if I make it to the ‘big time’ (play in front of a group), I will include a picture.)

Note about the bass guitar:  There are a few big differences between the bass guitar and the acoustic or electric guitar.  The bass has 4 strings and the guitar has 6.  The bass player plays one note at a time while the guitar player plays between 1 and 6 notes at a time.  I thought these differences would make it easier to learn and be a more unique experience.

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