#41 Odd wine tasting


On 3/18/17 we decided it was a good day to get out of town. We found a winery in Northern Virginia that was having a wine and potato chip pairing.   While that sounded odd, we were intrigued. What potato chip could possibly be appropriate to be eaten with a Zinfandel Reserve? Why would you do that? Well, I like wine and I love potato chips. So it was a go.

We went to Fabbioli Cellars (http://www.fabbioliwines.com/ ).

Before we had the potato chip pairing tasting, we had the traditional tasting with pairing. These pairings use some combinations of flavors like a meat, cheese, herbs on a cracker. Most of the wine and the ‘pairing’ were good.

But we wanted the unusual… the potato chip pairing. We had a choice of three wine/chip tastings out of five. For example, one pairing was a 2015 Petit Manseng. The notes said, “Crisp, Clean with notes of citrus, green apple, and lemon paired with UTZ Chesapeake Bay Crab Seasoning chip.” Heck, I can’t remember if I liked the wine, but I sure thought the chip was excellent. Haha. It saved me the money of buying a bag of chips to try. I liked all the chips that I tried.

The only bad part of the tasting was that they only let you eat 2 chips of each type. They would delicately grab each chip with tongs and place them in front of you. Do you know anyone that can eat just 2 chips? I don’t.

We learned while there this was a gimmick to dovetail off St. Patrick’s Day. It worked for us.

So the next time you have friends over for wine, break out the chips!


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