#39 Uber ride

On St Patrick’s Day, since we were going to an Irish pub and would be drinking, we needed to figure the best way to get there and back. We could either take Metro or drive. Metro could be time consuming and a bit expensive and driving would be unwise. So, we chose Uber to get down to Flannigan’s Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda. The only times I had taken a paid ride was in a taxi for business or a shuttle bus to an airport. This was going to be a new, different experience. Less than 10 minutes after requesting the ride, a Corolla arrived. True to what I had heard, the experience was pleasant. The driver was dressed nicely, he was polite, and the car was spotless inside. For a predetermined fee and tip included prior to his arrival, we went directly to the pub. On the way down, I had a chance to talk to him about this job. I found it interesting that he drives part time, earning up to $1,000 per week. In fact, he delivers evening papers (Chinese) such that he can pick up a ride at the same time. Not bad.

While I have not requested a ride with my Uber app on my phone yet, that time will come soon. A great way to get around, especially if there is some drinking involved.

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