Winner of the 937 contest

We have a winner! It took almost a year for someone to guess. And it took someone who wasn’t even a follower of this blog to solve the riddle. Of course, to get the promised gift, she had become a follower (Shameless bribing to increase my followers).

(Note: Look at the “About” selection on the blog for the contest and selection of 937 for the blog name and goal for my experiences… )

Frannie guessed that 9:37 was the time that we would all meet at Shakey’s on Wednesday night during the summer.

Back in the 70’s we did not have the best forms of communications. We had land line phones or US Mail or face-to-face meetings. So the best way to get together with friends was to ‘know’ when and where we would meet up without trying to coordinate at the last minute. It was the summer of 1976 and many of my friends were swimmers and/or lifeguards. We wanted to get together sometime during the week to have a beer, talk, and have fun. I am not sure who the original instigators of this weekly event were. I think it was Tim, Terry, and Jeff. We got together on a Wednesday night after the swimming pools closed. We decided to do it again and had to figure out when to do it again. We decided that Wednesday would be good day because it was the middle of the week. Then we had to pick a time. Couldn’t be 9:00 since pools had just closed. 9:30 gave us all a chance to get there from whatever pool in the Montgomery County they worked. But 9:30 seemed too vague. A time like that meant anytime around 9:30 within a half hour or so. So, we humorously said that we would pick a time to the minute so everyone would know it was an exact time to be there. Not 9:30. Not 9:45. We said, “How about half way between the two?” 9:37 was the agreed upon time. We would spread the word that 9:37 would be the time to arrive. It was agreed upon that those who would arrive at 9:37 would all pitch in for the first pitcher of the night. Everyone who arrived later, as a matter of rule, would buy a pitcher and share it with everyone else. So there was incentive to be there on time. Being the cheap a** I was (or still am?), I would be on time. Also, we would order arguably the best pizza ever! Shakey’s pizza!

For some strange reason, this weekly meeting became a summer tradition. The numbers of attendees that showed up grew weekly. What started out as about 3 or 4 of grew to be 20 to 25. It took on a life of its own. Friends were bringing friends. We went from a small table to a whole row of tables. I believe we continued this on to the next summer and may have even got together during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays… on the Wednesday night at 9:37. We just knew.

So Frannie you won! I will get you a gift. No, it won’t be a gift certificate to Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, as they are no longer in the Washington area. Gone, but not forgotten.

Important Disclosure: This was pre-Internet and we would have to rely on our memories to separate fact from fiction. I think most of this is fact. But we were teenagers. This was over 40 years ago. We were young and foolish, and we were drinking beer. Because it was before the Internet we can forget what we didn’t like and we can embellish what we did like.

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