#38 Casino and spinning the wheel

On March 3, 2017, I went with my buddy, Mark, to the MGM Casino in National Harbor (Maryland, just across the Wilson Bridge off I-95). I don’t recall ever playing roulette for money so this was a new experience for me. The tables had a minimum bet of $25. It seemed pretty steep for me, but what the heck, I planned on spending some money for entertainment. The downside is that it could all be gone in 10 minutes if I didn’t win.

So what to bet on. Being a rookie, I looked at the results of the last 15 spins and saw that it was completely random, but in peoples mind they think they see a pattern or algorithm. There is none. But you can hope and convince yourself. I looked at where everyone else placed their bets. Were they random placements? Did they have a method? Whatever it was they placed them with confidence. Haha. I just randomly placed each of my five $5 chips in strategically random locations. Hedging my bets by placing many of them on the line between 2 or 4 numbers. How do you beat a random spin? Maybe it is being just as random (and then being very lucky!)

Of course I lost the first bet. Then, of course, I lost the second bet. On the third bet I did win a few chips. That kept me in the game. Then I lost one or two more rolls. I was a big risk taker, placing the minimum $25 bet each time. I watched other people win hundreds/thousands of dollars and others lose hundreds/thousands of dollars. Then on what would be my last spin, I strategically, randomly placed my bets as usual, including placing $5 on the border of “0” and “00”. When she spun the wheel, I watched the green “0” the whole time, just as Mark was. Hoping it would fall on it. Willing it to land on “0”. Stunned, it did! Haha. Luck upon luck. I won about $100, tipped the lady, and walked away with $125. It may not seem big, but it was a lot better than the guy next to me who placed, according to Mark’s count, $3,500 across the board (of course with more confidence than me.) He lost it all! I thought to myself, I walked away a (lucky) winner and he walked away a loser. Wohoo, I kicked his ass! Yeah, I know, big 25 bucks winner. Big deal. Oh, well, it was an experience.

As for retirement experiences, it was good to be able to go on a weekday instead of weekend. It wasn’t crowded. However, it did make me wonder why younger people were there on a weekday. Don’t they have a job? Then all those older people. Most of them are going to lose money. Kind of sad. To me it is just entertainment. How much entertainment money are you willing to pay for the experience?

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