#37 Go back to College

January 24, 2017: Today I returned to college! I haven’t experienced college since 1978. Since I am retired I decided to take a light load. I signed up for one class for the semester. I don’t know how many credit hours it is because I am taking it for fun, not credit towards a degree. The class is Digital Photography I. It is a full semester class, meeting twice a week for the whole semester. I am not the only retired person in the class – about a third are retired. I even get the “old guy’s” discount. I don’t pay tuition, I just pay the fees. This due to me being at least 60 years old.

It’s been a while since I have had a class with those traditional things: syllabus, quizzes, research project, and a portfolio. We even have a field trip. Since it lasts all semester, we even get off for spring break!

It should be fun as I want to learn how to take better photographs during retirement.

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