#36 Tasting at a Distillery

January 20, 2017, we took a short vacation to visit wineries in the Charlottesville, VA, to taste the Virginia wines. At one location, the Old House Vineyard, we found that there was also a distillery. We sampled different spirits at the Old House Distillery (Culpepper, VA). I had never been to a tasting of spirts from a local distillery. We sampled their versions of vodka, agave (tequila), spiced rum, and an ‘over-proofed’ rum (110 proof). Needless to say, while it was fun to experience this tasting, we found that the vodka, tequila, and spiced rum all tasted like their commercial counterparts and the ‘over-proofed’ rum just tasted like straight alcohol (we could only imagine what that tastes like). But then again, I am no connoisseur of fine spirits (except for whiskey, which I do like).

Perhaps the most interesting part of the tasting was the environment of the tasting room.  The room was set up as World War II museum.  They had actual artifacts from the war – helmets, bayonets, rifles, canteens, gas masks, hats.  They also had the ceiling painted to appear as if there were paratroopers descending on the room.  These paratroopers were not men, rather they were 1940-style pinup women dressed as soldiers.

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