#34 Meet a Famous Movie Star

I met Marilyn Monroe! She even talked to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek! I have proof – a picture.

At my buddy Mark’s 60th birthday party, not only did we have three bands, from as far away as North Carolina, we had a surprise celebrity sighting. Marilyn Monroe showed up! I know she has been dead for over a half century, but a look-alike showed up in her place. She sang a few songs and mingled with the crowd. The jury is out as to how good an impersonator she was.

Note: This experience was suggested and approved by of one of my followers. I usually bounce the ideas off others before updating this blog. I have such a high threshold for experiences, I need only one ‘yea’ vote to deem it worthwhile.

I encourage all my followers to suggest subjects for me to experience. I have over 900 more to go!

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