#33 Brewery tour

Back in September 2016, after a bike event in Dover, Delaware, a group of us went to the local brewery, the Fordham and Dominion Brewing Company. We had a tour of the facility. Now the tour was not grand by any means and it was pretty short. We could see about everything from one spot from the brewery floor. But that was not the point. Besides the tour, we wanted to experience the beers from the brewery. We hung around to sample their beers. (Perfect thing to do after a two hour bike ride).

As with many small breweries, they tend to produce some high alcohol beers, up to 8.5%. The beers include stouts, lagers, IPAs, farmhouse ales, pale ales. They sell mainly in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Note: Fordham Brewing had its origins in 1995 in Annapolis, Maryland. The Old Dominion Brewing Company had its origins in 1989 in Ashburn, Virginia. In 2007, the two breweries merged and relocated to Dover, Delaware.

This is one of many brewery tours I plan to experience.



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