#32 Strange foods – Ice cream

When you are in a foreign country or even another part of the US, it is common to come across some food that you have never tasted or even heard of before. You may also come across a common food that is prepared in a way you never expected. The later happened to me while in Iceland.

At one of the geothermal spas we ate lunch.  After lunch, I had a hankering for something more.  I checked out the ice cream bars.  There were the usual suspects that you could get back in the US and there were a few that were unrecognizable.  I love dark chocolate and I saw one that seemed to fit the bill.  This was not only dark appearance on the wrapper, it was black.  I thought, “You can’t beat that for dark chocolate!  How much darker chocolate can you get?”  Of course the wrapper was in Icelandic language so I couldn’t read it.  I thought, “What the heck, I’ll take a chance.”

I was in for a surprise. The black ‘chocolate’ coating was not 80% or 90% or 100% cocoa chocolate at all.  It was licorice!  The outside had a crispy licorice coating.  Then, in addition to the vanilla ice cream, there was a liquid licorice center.  I had never had crispy licorice or liquid licorice.  This went from a normal treat to an abnormal treat and a new experience. I love black licorice and it tasted pretty good.  But I was weirded out by this odd food.

Below are two pictures. One is of the licorice ice cream bar wrapper. The other picture is of something I did not take a chance on.  It didn’t sound too appetizing. (I later found out that ‘krap’ means ‘slush’ in Icelandic. I hope they don’t expect Americans to eat krap).

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