#31 Icebergs

While I have seen plenty of icebergs in videos and photos which were spectacular, I had never experienced one in person. While in Iceland we had a few opportunities to witness these first hand. These icebergs were not nearly as spectacular as those you see in Alaska or Greenland, but these were unique.

At one location we saw the icebergs that had broken off the nearby glacier, floating in a lagoon, which was formed by the receding glacier. We took a tour in a duck boat to get up close to them. The icebergs would work their way downstream from the lagoon to the ocean. While the icebergs were not that large, they would drift into the ocean and get battered by the waves, breaking into smaller pieces. It was quite a site seeing these chunks of ice being washed up onto the shore. The contrast of the white ice to the black sandy lava beach was a unique sight.

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