#27 Meet a celebrity – Book signing

On November 17, 2016, Mary Ann and I went to a book signing for one of my favorite authors, David Baldacci.  Up to that point I had read most of his books – 29 of them!  He talked about his latest book “No Man’s Land”, his writing, and answered reader’s questions.  David is a prolific writer, writing about 2 books a year as well as being involved in film projects related to his books.  (I really enjoyed the book and movie “Absolute Power” with Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, and Ed Harris)

I found it interesting that he auctions off names in each of his book.  The top donors to a charities get their name assigned to a character.  He jokingly said that some people donate extra if he will kill off that person in the book.

Obviously I bought the book because I was looking forward to reading it as well as so he could sign it.  “No Man’s Land” was riveting.  I finished reading it in 4 days – It helps to be retired so I have more time to read!

If you like thrillers, pick one up and read it.

2 thoughts on “#27 Meet a celebrity – Book signing

  1. One of my favorite authors! I think auctioning off a name is brilliant. He sounds like an interesting person, as well as a terrific writer. What a good experience to have on your list! I’m a huge reader which I think you have to be if you are going to be any kind of writer so it’s always good to see people including literary experiences in their retirement. Keep getting those experiences. BEST THING ABOUT RETIREMENT!!! They don’t have to be expensive, and that’s the kind I’m working on. Love your list and your concept. Much more positive and satisfying than just a “bucket list.”

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