#26 Night hiking

Hiking during the day is normal. Hiking at night is very different. On September 23, 2016, Mary Ann and I joined our daughter, Kristin, and the dogs for a night hike. We got up before 5 to drive to the nearby Sugarloaf Mountain. It was extremely dark with only stars visible in the sky. With our headlamps on and two dogs to lead the way we started at the bottom of the mountain and began our climb to the summit.

Following the path and the markers was a bit difficult with only headlamps, but we were familiar with the climb. As we climbed we noticed we were frequently being watched. When we scanned off the path we could see the reflection of several pairs of eyes. Although they were most likely deer, it was an eerie feeling. It helped that we had the two dogs with us. Also, at that time of the morning it was so quiet that it seemed we were the only people on the mountain.

We arrived at the summit as the sun was rising, casting light across the hill tops, while the valleys were saturated with fog. It was a good hike and a good experience.