#25 Zip line

For Mary Ann’s birthday we went to ‘Go Ape’ at Lake Needwood in Rockville to experience a zip line.  We climbed trees, crossed all sorts of rope bridges between trees, swung like Tarzan, and the highlight – rode the zip lines.  For our first time, it was quite exciting.  We did about six zip lines, each getting progressively longer in distance.  The longest was 400 feet and started about 50 feet high in a tree.  We were propelled along the cable safely through the trees and branches.

The Tarzan swing was fun, too.  We swung from a vine (rope) from one tree to another tree (a rope net).  Of course, I was Tarzan and Mary Ann was Jane.  The net was like swinging into a big ol’ spider web except that you bounced off and don’t stick.

The entire time from the ground, up the tree, across the rope bridges, and down the zip line we were attached to at least one and up to three safety clips.  It was so safe that neither of us, especially Mary Ann, was not afraid of the heights.

It was a fun experience.  In the future we would like to do it again in a more challenging setting- longer and higher zip lines.

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