#19 Maine Lobster in Maine

I have always wanted to visit Maine. While there I wanted to experience Maine lobster. I know you can get it anywhere, but this is their claim to fame, most likely fresher. So for my 60th birthday, Mary Ann planned a trip for us to go to Maine.

We experienced lobster in many ways. The two most popular ways of eating lobster in Maine are (1) steamed lobster and (2) lobster roll. While in Maine we ate the steamed lobster (1.5 pounder at the Portland Lobster Company), a couple of lobster rolls, lobster bisque, lobster pie, lobster quiche (Mary Ann had this), lobster mac and cheese, and lobster in an Irish whiskey sauce (“Drunken Lobster”).

By the end of the trip I was tired of lobster – looking forward to a burger.

When we got back from the trip, I wondered, “Was the Maine Lobster served in Maine really from Maine?” We assume that, but heck it could have been from New Hampshire or Massachusetts or (oh my) even Canada!



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