#18 Major league baseball game

On 7/23/16, I attended a Washington Nationals baseball game.  This is a great retirement experience.  I hope to have more, especially catching a weekday afternoon game (when everyone else is at work).  The challenges this first year of my retirement is getting to and from the game (The DC Metro subway is currently under some major maintenance causing delays of up to an hour.)  Also, the oppressive heat in July and August.  This night game was a scorcher – nighttime temperatures in the 90s.  Perfect for drinking beer.  Anyway, it was a good game where the Nationals beat the San Diego Padres 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth.

The only odd thing in this game was the bird that would not leave the infield.  It flew around for a while, hung out behind first base, meandered over to second, hanging out near the umpire, stepping on second base, going over to third and finally ending up 10 feet from home plate.  Nothing fazed this bird.  No one could get it to go.  It did, however, distract the Padres pitcher when it landed near home plate.

With the time on my hands in retirement and the Nationals playing so well, it has been great to watch the games on TV.  Heck, I have the time.

Besides Washington baseball, I would like to go to other stadiums to experience games from a different perspective.