#17 Attend an opera?

It was not my intention to attend an opera.  I thought I was going to see a play.  Mary Ann expressed an interest in seeing “Evita” at the Olney Theatre.   I made the arrangements to go to the play and go out to dinner on July 13, 2016.  The ‘play’ was pretty good.  I started getting leery that this was not a play.  I thought “OK, this is a musical”.  As we watched it from our mezzanine seats I noticed more and more that there was no talking.  With no talking, there is no way to ‘break out in a song’.  So it wasn’t a play or a musical.  It was an opera.  Oh, there may have been a few short sentences that were not in tune, but basically it was an opera.   Regardless, it was a good opera.  All the singing was in English, so you could follow it.  There was plenty of dancing, too.  Oh, what did I get into?  The singing and dancing were good.

“Evita” was a good story.  It was written to document Eva Peron’s life, the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 to 1952, the wife of Juan Peron.  It features the famous song “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”.  (I didn’t cry).

This retirement experience was not on my list.  It sort of just happened.  This was the first opera that I have ever been to see (that I know of or will admit to seeing).  Will it be my last?  Stay tuned…

#16 Biking and beer drinking

On June 4, 2016 we went to Laurel, Delaware for the ‘Bike and Brew’ event.  This is an annual bike ride, my first since retiring.  We ride 25 miles and end up in a park where we have BBQ and sample beer (the route was incorrectly marked – we actually did 29 miles) .   We formed a team called the Alcoletes.  A few did the 50 miles.  We all had the beer.

#15 Meet a celebrity

On 5/26/16 I met up with several other Walter Johnson High School graduates to meet up with Tim Kurkjian.  Annually, Tim will get together with alumni to talk baseball.  It is fascinating listening to him .  He has a lot of knowledge of the game.  He has been a baseball sports writer for his entire career.  He worked for Sports Illustrated and currently works for ESPN.  He is regularly on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight”.  In addition, he is one of the sports writers that casts votes for the Major League Hall of Fame and has also written 3 books.  The most recent one, “I’m Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies”, is gem.  I would recommend it to learn about baseball and about Tim.

There are very few people that I know that love their job the way he does, almost as if he doesn’t really have a job.  Where else can you get paid to go to baseball games, talk to the stars, and tell everyone about baseball.

[Back story:  I have known Tim since about 2nd grade.  His family lived a few blocks from my family in Bethesda, Maryland.  We went to the same grade schools, Ashburton Elementary, North Bethesda Junior High, and Walter Johnson.  I even went with him to safety patrol camp in 6th grade.  Another cool thing in my opinion is that I have been in several restaurants and bar across the country and look up and see Timmy talking on the TV.  Another cool thing is who do you know that has people imitate your voice and how many people do you know that have a bobble head of them?]

[While this may not really be a retirement experience, I did this in retirement and I had a chance to talk to others that have retired.  I still intend on meeting another ‘celebrity’]