#14 Wine tasting in the Finger Lakes

Driving up to the Finger Lakes on Monday, 5/23/16, we planned on tasting wines from several wineries on Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake for two days.   As a retirement experience it was great to be able to go up on a weekday where lodging was easy to get and the wineries were not crowded.

The Finger Lakes are made up of several long, thin lakes that look like fingers when looking at them on a map.  Cayuga Lake, Seneca Lake, and Keuka Lake are the primary lakes that have most of the wineries.  The climate and soil are ideal for Rieslings.

The first day we visited wineries on Seneca Lake.  We tasted at Lakewood Vineyards Winery, Fulkerson Winery, Glenora Wine Cellars, and Barnstorm Winery.  Lakewood was our favorite where we bought a case of wine.  Our favorite wine from this region is their dry Rieslings.  ( http://lakewoodvineyards.com )

The second day we visited wineries on Cayuga Lake.  We tasted at Swedish Hill Winery, Goose Watch Winery, Knapp Winery, Lucas Vineyards, Sheldrake Point Winery, and Hosmer Winery.  Swedish Hill was our favorite at this lake where we again bought a case.  They have excellent dry sparkling wines.  (http://swedishhill.com/)

To round out the experience, we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast right on Cayuga Lake -Driftwood Inn ( http://www.driftwoodny.com ).  Being right on the lake, we could watch the sunset.  We also took out their kayaks on the lake each morning.




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#13 Bike in DC on the National Mall

On May 19, 2016, Mary Ann and I went for a bike ride on the National Mall.  We started at Reagan National Airport in Virginia, rode to DC, rode around the mall and ended up in Alexandria to eat lunch.  The uniqueness of this experience is that it is a great way to get through DC and see the sights as you can cover a lot of ground quickly at your pace, not the DC traffic.  We were able to see several monuments – Washington, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Korean, World War II, Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King.  We also saw the Smithsonian museums, Congress, the Tidal Basin, and of course the National Mall.

The interesting thing about the “National Mall” is that it is a National Park, over one mile in length, with the Lincoln Memorial at the west end and Congress at the east end.