#12 Eat at a real dive

On May 16, 2016, after burning a few calories in a hike, Mary Ann and I decided to acquire significantly more calories by eating lunch at a dive called “Sunshine General Store”.  This place is a local favorite that should frighten healthy eaters and vegetarians (and maybe small children).   Located in a defunct gas station built out of cinder blocks, the place does not look like a ‘restaurant’.  Once inside, it looks like an ancient pre-mini-mart.  As you pass the cheap snacks you find a grill in the back where cleanliness and aesthetics are a foreign words.  Two mismatched tables with mismatched chairs and 4 diner stools are the extent of the seating.  Everybody else is ordering to-go.  At the diner stools, you an watch the grilling.

The burgers are the main attraction.  Whether you are going for the burger, which appears to be more than a half pound, maybe 2/3 pound, or the hamburger sub, which looks like a full pound of beef, this is the place to go to get a big burger.  I could feel my arteries clogging as I watched the burgers being cooked, but it did keep my attention.  I wondered who could possibly eat one of those massive cheeseburger subs, topped off with 2 fried eggs.  This is an experience I will probably repeat, whether it is at Sunshine General Store (Brookville, MD – corner of Georgia Ave (Route 97) and New Hampshire Avenue (Route 650)) or some other place.

To add to the experience, they even had a fire!  The burger buns in the toaster oven got too close to the heating wires and caught fire.  The two women were so busy keeping up with the grilling, assembling burgers, and taking orders that I had to tell them that they had a fire.

… Oh and to top it off, they advertise selling live bait!  When you go, remember “Cash only”.


One thought on “#12 Eat at a real dive

  1. I stop at this “dive” frequently on bike rides but seldom eat there, only take advantage of the outside picnic tables for a short rest stop. Glad you highlighted this place with your interesting observations!


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