#8 Climb a mountain

Mary Ann and I took a day trip on April 14, 2016, to Catoctin Mountain Park up near Thurmont, Maryland to hike/climb the mountain.  We achieved our goal of hiking and climbing to Chimney Rock where the view is spectacular.  Our hike was only 3 miles but it was a bit strenuous.  The best part of this climb was that the temperatures were in the low 50s – nice and cool and dry – and there was not a cloud in the sky.  It was also good to visit the park on a weekday, so there were very few people there – we saw about 6.

The interesting thing about this park is that the Catoctin Mountain Park is a National Park.  Across the road is Cunningham Falls State Park.  And very nearby is Camp David, where the Presidential retreat is located.

(Edited on 4/21)  Ok, I have to edit this post.  “Climbing a Mountain” is a stretch.  A real stretch.  Many of my avid readers will laugh at this.  So let me bring it down a bit…  While it is called a mountain in the name, it is really not a mountain.  Heck, Chimney Rock is only 1,419 feet high.  Given that the park headquarters is at 840 feet, Chimney Rock is really just one of the high points in the big hill.  But hey, I didn’t name it a mountain, the US Government named it a mountain.  So who is to argue.  That said, it was still a good hike.  We did climb a few rocks.  We did sweat even though it was pretty cold.  And we enjoyed the day.


#7 Drink the last of a bar’s beer

This is kind of an odd experience.  On March 18, 2016, Mark, his wife, Mary Ann and I were at Mama Kwan’s in Nags Head, North Carolina for lunch.  We had just arrived for a weekend at the beach and headed over to MK’s for fish tacos.  (The fish tacos are pretty good, not the best I have had, but the others seemed to rave about them.  The other food is good.)  Mark instigated this experience by ordering Bud Lite Limes.  Bud Lite Lime is a refreshing beer that really does not taste like a beer, rather it tastes like a lime soda.  It is low in alcohol so you can normally keep drinking them without worrying.  Between he and I, we drank all the Bud Lite Limes they had, according to Emily the bartender.   However, our feat had unintended consequences.  Along with the two shots of Fireball, I was done in for the day.  It is really tough to have a hangover in the afternoon, especially when you want to enjoy the beach.  Needless to say, I offered to be the designated driver the rest of the weekend.

The first time we had this kind of experience was several years ago in Edenton, North Carolina, where Mark (again) and I went to a small bar and had several Coronas.  We had enough to completely wipe that bar out of that beer.  As with Mama Kwan’s, I had a similar fall out, perhaps worse as Coronas are bad beer, if you can even call it beer.

Below is a picture of one of the early BLLs at Mama Kwan’s and Emily.  If you want some good food at the beach, we recommend Mama Kwan’s ( www.mamakwans.com )